Self-awareness and problem hunting

If we keep running late wherever we go that means something is wrong with our planning skills or time management habits. Life goes on for many people without questioning this habit of running late as long as they are welcomed in the place they go.
If, however, one were to properly question this bad habit, one would realize the existence of many things that could revolutionize one’s life. A person continuously running late has a problem of keeping his/her promises.
“Where does personal development start?” A number of answers can be given, yet one of the most essential answers is about self-awareness. Developing oneself is about the reinforcement of positive qualities while getting rid of negative ones. In other words, we need to increase our positive manners and good behaviors, while changing our behaviors that bring about negative results.
We can start with the behaviors we need to change. Few people are aware of the behaviors that need to be changed, though. And in any case, if they are, people usually tend to justify them to themselves and others. Hence one tends to evaluate the situation from one’s own point of view and find others to be in the wrong whenever one faces a problem. When reflecting on the problem or telling others about the problem from the same perspective, one employs a handful of proofs for self-justification, even if these proofs are insufficient or illogical.
Our problems with self-development should sincerely be discussed in detail. To do this, it is essential to determine the large and small problems in our lives as if we were professional problem seekers. Then we can discover a series of problems, such as low test scores, incomplete tasks and family/friend/colleague problems. If we are experiencing a problem with someone, we are also a part of the problem to some degree. Therefore, taking a close look at any problem will enable us to see that that problem arises as a result of an attitude or behavior that we should or should not have exhibited.
We might possibly experience performance problems apart from problems in relationships with other people. If, for instance, we continue to get low grades, it probably stems from our laziness or bad time-management skills or a poor choice of department at the university. As we can see, we are personally in the middle of our problems each time we discuss them.
Some writers and experts believe that talents are innate in humans. I don’t agree with this. The things inherent to us are revealed when we have contact with the outside world. Your level of determination is revealed if you climb to a mountain alone, while your skills at adaptation surface when climbing with a group of mountaineers. You find out the quality of your choice of clothes in a meeting. If your friendly conversation, on the other hand, transforms into a heated debate, then this is a sign of your inability to keep your relations within a reasonable level. In short, we know more about ourselves when we have relations with the others.
Most of us take pills when we get sick. Almost all diseases stem from our lifestyle (eating habits, stress level, not exercising etc.). The pains, aches, swelling, fevers and rashes are the consequences of our lifestyle, while the heated debates and problems in our daily lives are the results of the mistakes and wrongs in our personality and manners.
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